In my mind I try to imagine what a univers without repetition would look like. The univers is made of repetition, planet forms, black holes mouvements, comets, elements compositions. In the earth, magma, rocks, rivers, mountains, oceans. Nature needs repetition to grow, reproductive systems, plants species, trees, flowers. The animal world needs repetition to live, reproductive systems, survival instinct, running movements, flying movements, eat, drink. Men and women need repetition, cells, neurones, words, gestures, behaviors, feelings. All of them governed by an order, rules, codes and method. Even « THE REPETITION » is there, each element grows up and develops in a magnificent creative way, therefore each element of the known univers has its own particular and extraordinary ADN. We will never find the same planet, the same rock, the same bird, the same flower, the same child. This dicothomy between the inequal in the equal interests me to work on. There are an inestimable number of geometric forms to be discovered, a parallel univers made of tiny elements, surrounds us. Repeating the inside the outside will never be the same.


As the title suggests, the resulting image of

this work is the egg. This shape has a perfect,

resilient, vital structure from which life

emerges. Spatial repetition of the primary

shape calls me human and nature

fertilization, where cells reproduce.

I work the idea of repetition to create

cellular spaces. For OVO I I decided to use

thin alternating black and white

rectangular strips as the recurring

theme. Once they have been fixed

to a central axis, half of them facing to the

the right the other half to the left, I apply

torsion to them from either side of the axis

diverging directions to create the concave-

convexe effect. As the strips regularly

decrease in size, they generate the outer

ovoid profile through the tension exerted

when I stick them together, alternating right

to left. Working I discover the materials’

hidden secrets that are offered up to me.

The starting point for my nano-cosmogony,

my ultimate aim is to trigger emotion

through my paper art works.