Artistic approach

I’m in the habit of provoking, questioning, prompting reflection, moving and inspiring observation through a subject that like geometric transformations in the space awacked in me the interest of a deep and personal research.I create abstract, sculptural, kinetic works. Each one a unique univers different from the next arrived at through research that goes beyond the reality that surrounds us, thoughtful, desintegratory observation. I go on to construct something new starting from this foundation. I create all my works basing myself on four simple geometric shapes namely the square, triangle, circle and rectangle. While this four shapes have finit forms, they offer infinite possibilities for spatial transformations. I break down and reestructure these shapes creating new structures, often a cry from their parent shape. Working the third dimension I strike to encourage the onlooker to look at the artwork dinamically, discovering all the points of view.


Nautilus – Private collection

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